Class Rooms

There are five programs in all in this college: Arts, Commerce, Science, B.B.A. (Computer Application) and Bachelor of Vocational Education in Mass Communication. There are 32 classrooms in all and the policy has been maintained to make the most of this infrastructure by conducting in three shifts. It includes UG, PG and short term course classes. Maintenance of these facilities is done by support service staff.


Central library of the college is, in real sense of the term, the information resource centre. Access to library facilities for the students and staff is being registered through Barcode Scanner. Books and journals issuing is done through Libraria Software and the students and staff search for a relevant text through Kiosk Machine. The library staff takes every care to maintain book and reading-friendly ambience in the library.


Out of three auditoriums two is fully supported with advanced audio-visual system. Out of these two, one is supported with smart-board and the other with interactive projector respectively. The third one auditorium is created in Science wing and it is the auditorium+ ICT classroom for the convenience of the students.


Five Computer labs have been set up in Arts, Commerce, Science, B.B.A. (C.A.) and B.VoC. Departments. These labs provide English linguistic and literary exercises, Tally software, exercises in Statistics, Computer Application exercises and Electronic media projects respectively.


Each department in Science wing has well-equipped laboratory for students’ convenience. This facility provides participatory learning mainly.