Central Library

- To provide Right Information (Book / Journal) to the Right Student at the Right time. - To extend student centered Library services. - To adopt advanced technologies to provide information needs of the students and faculty.
- To provide every reader his /her desired book.
- To extend Book Bank facility to poor and needy students on priority basis.
- To develop Library as a centre of knowledge and information in the vicinity.

History of the Library :
Our College library started in the year 1983 with the establishment of the college. Collection of the library books in the starting year was 453 books. Now library has total 39236 books in the library collection. A modern library with a few exceptions is regarded as a service institution.

Library Advisory Committee :
Sr.No.Name of the FacultyDesignationSubject
1 Prin.Dr. Ashok Bhoite Chairman Botany
2 Mr. Dr. Pramod Botre Member Commerce
3 Mr. Ayub Shaikh Member English
4 Mrs. Mrudula Karni Member Microbiology
5 Mr. Eknath Kalamkar Member Hindi
6 Mrs. Dr. Sujata Bhoite Member Zoology
7 Mr. Sambhaji Shinde Member Economics
8 Mr. Sanjay Joshi Member Library Science
9 Mrs. Minakshi Kumbhar Secretary Library Science
Library Staff :
Sr.No.Name of the FacultyDesignationQualificationExperienceAchievement
1 Mrs. Kumbhar M.B. Librarian M.A., B.Ed., M.L.I.Sc., SET (P.G.D.L.I.M. ) 4 Years Convener for B.Lib, YCMOU Center
2 Mr. Joshi S. D. Asst. Librarian M.Com., M.L.I.Sc. 19 Years Co- ordinator for B.Lib/ M.Lib. YCMOU Center
3 Mrs. Jagdale M. S. Library Clerk B.A., M.L.I.Sc. 12 Years -
4 Mr. Ganage D. N. Library Attendant H.S.C., L.T.C. 25 Years -
5 Mr. Navale A.N Library Attendant B.A. B.L.I.Sc. 24 Years -
6 Mr. Navale A.N Library Attendant B.A. B.L.I.Sc. 24 Years -
7 Mr. Shinde B. E Library Attendant B.A., L.T.C., B.L.I.Sc. 24 Years -
8 Mr. Londhe S. D Library Attendant S.S.C. 20 Years -
9 Smt. Kakade A. S. Library Attendant S.S.C. 20 Years -
Library Budget :
Sr.No.YearBudget ProvidedAmount Spend
1 2010-11 583000 628816
2 2011-12 518000 514641
3 2012-13 408000 421071
4 2013-14 513000 540531
5 2014-15 488000 467087
6 2015-16 393000 412951
7 2016-17 378000 337095
Grants Received :
Sr.No.PlanParticulars of GrantsGrants Received
1 XI(2010-11) Remedial Coaching 1,73,115
2 XI(2011-12) Young College 1,00,000
3 XI(2011-12) Remedial Coaching 26,885
4 XI(2011-12) Basic Development 36,364
5 XI(2013-14) Remedial Coaching 49965
6 XI(2013-14) Basic Development 24626
7 XI(2014-15) Remedial Coaching 35000
Policies for purchase of Books :
i) The books written by eminent authors and publishers are being purchased.
ii) Books are purchased directly from publishers or authorized dealers.
iii)Books are purchased after approved by the respective Head of the Department.
iv) Total budget is distributed among all departments and books are purchased accordingly.

Book Bank Schemes & Procedure :
A set of textbook is provided to the needy students for an academic year on nominal charges for an academic year.

Procedure :
1. Students should apply and pay necessary charges in the Library.
2. Books are lent to the students for an academic year by the Library.
3. The students belonging to reserved categories and the students who are working in Earn and Learn Scheme are provided with books for theAcademic year without any charges.

Schemes for Meritorius students:
The Books are provided to the first three rank holder students of every class without any charges.

Number of Books :
No of Donated Books: 508

E-Resources :
i) No.of C.D.'s :- 350
ii) NLIST(UGC, INFLIBNET) (31,35000+ e-books and 6000+ e-journals) access available.

No.of Journals and Periodicals :
1 74 04 78
News Papers :
Sr.No.NewspaperLanguageNo. of Copies
1 Loksatta Marathi 02
2 Maharashtra Times Marathi 02
3 Lokmat Marathi 02
4 Sakal Marathi 02
5 Pudhari Marathi 01
6 Business standard Marathi 01
7 Navbharat Times Hindi 01
8 The Indian Express English 01
9 The Times of India English 01
10 The Economics Times English 01
Library Rules :
i) Every Student should bring with him/her I-card without fail to the college.
ii) Reference books cannot be issued for home.
iii)In the Library Reading Room, book will be issued only on presentation of I-Card.
iv) One book will be issued at a time against Library card for home lending.
v) The original holder is responsible for all books taken on Library card.
vi) In case of late return of book the fine will be charged after due date 50 paise per day.
vii)The book issued must be returned to the library within 24 hourswhen demanded by Librarian.
viii)Borrower Card is not transferable.
ix) Maintain silence in Reading Room and Library.

Membership of Library :
Sr.No.Type of memberNumber's
1 Students 2403
2 Staff 114
3 Library for Society (Including YCMOU students) 51
  Total no of members: 2568
Highlights :
• B.Lib. & I.Sc. course started from june 2007 and M.Lib. & I.Sc.course from 2010.
• Library for Society Scheme.
• OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue)
• Books Exhibition on occasion of Entrepreneurship Camp, World Science Day, World Women’s Day, Marathi Language Day.

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